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Mu-TEST M-10S: The 3-in-1 system!

Published At: Nov. 19, 2014

Mu-TEST has just launched his M-10S: The first true 3-in-1 ATE system! The M-10S offers not only up to 10 slots fully integrated ATE system but also 2 independent M-5S systems, 5 slots each for true un-limited flexibility.

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M-WR48 Wide Range Instrument

Published At: Sept. 24, 2014

Mu-TEST up to 24V testing thanks to the M-WR48 instrument.

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Up to 1.6 Gbps datarate instrument!

Published At: Sept. 17, 2014

Mu-TEST test coverage up to 1.6 Gbps on all 32 pins thanks to the instrument M-D1632.

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DDR controller testing

Published At: March 18, 2014

Automated testing of DDR controllers is a major technical challenge, requiring source synchronous mode capability, high speed digital acquisition, timing accuracy...Everything that Mu-TEST system has !

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